Cursed Blood

Epilogue: Popoion and Wagner

Popoion’s tale
Invisible and silent, Popoion watched as the encounter unfolded. They had started out strong but things fell to pieces as Karnath threw spells from afar and his golem came in to CQC. Wagner was paralyzed, Lilith was unconscious and bleeding to death, and the last time the Fancyman had been seen he was within a hair’s breadth of falling unconscious.
Though halflings are well known for their lack of fear, the jester felt helpless, and that they were fighting not to prevent death, but to postpone it a few minutes. Silently he slipped out of the room, his head in his hands and tears starting to form behind his mask. They were all going to die.
Then he heard it: a sudden huge bang as an ancient word was screamed outloud. Popoion knew the language as he had encountered it many times when he was in the ancient ruins and grave robbing. It was a word that loosely translated to “freedom” – though it was also meant as a death curse – freedom at the price of two lives – for both the foe and the one speaking it.
Poking his head through the grand doors, Malark watched as Dol’ran was jumping into the air, over the elevated pit with hammer in both hands, and striking the obsidian crystal that was seemingly absorbing the souls of the children.
Seeing the vision there after, and learning of Dol’Ron’s fate and sacrifice, Popoion was relieved. At last he was at peace, and he would forever watch over noble warriors who died a hero’s death.
Taking Lilith’s head in his lap, Popoion revived her the orb he had been given by Death earlier in the dungeon. Awakening from her temporary slumber, Popoion helped her to her feet and aided in getting the children down from their chains.
Exiting out of the dungeon, Popoion watched for a time as children and parents met and cried for joy. While other children meandered around, and shed tears of despair as they found out that their parents did not make it.
After a time, everyone decided it was time to go home. Perhaps a bitter-sweet celebration was in order. As they headed back to town, Popoion walked up to be beside Fancyman.
“Hey buddy. I think I will be heading out after this: gotta spread the word of Dol’ron – The most I can do for the big lug. Since we got a similar style and work well together, thought I would ask if you want to travel around. Let me know. I am going to stay for the night in town, than heading off in the morning.”

Wagner’s tale
“You cannot avoid your fate: Vessel of Thell.” Karnath chided as his boney claws pierced the flesh of young Wagner. The boy spat at the lich as his body froze into place.
“I had a talk with your wife, and we are in agreement that you need to die you little shit.” Just then, A scream was heard from the foot of the stairwell. Karthus turned sharply and watched in astonishment as Dol’Ron leapt up the stairs four at a time and then proceed to throw his body and weapon at the obsidian stone. Karnath saw a blue bag and chain wrapped around the hammer, and the red glow of the lich’s eyes intensified. “That relic! NO!” And with a mighty smash and blinding white light it was done.
Wagner saw the vision, and knew of Dol’Ron’s fate. He only wished that he could complete the barbarian’s wish in finishing off their shared foe. As the light intensified, a single resounding word echoed through his mind: Rose. The word gave him hope, resolution, and focus. The hold that the necromancer had on him dwindled quickly, and in a moment’s time Wagner had control of his body once more.
The lich turned to see what he could do to the young man, but he only found a longsword blade where his heart should have been. The red eyes died out and the animated corpse slunk then turned to dust. Looking into the blade, Wagner saw that the woman of his vision was embracing a middle-aged man. They left together and the sword’s blade grew dim. It was just a normal sword now.
Wagner aided in getting the children down. And once things settled down, took Lilith aside – he needed to speak to her on a very serious matter.
“I have travelled with many men and women, and none have shown the resolution or dedication to doing what is necessary for the greater good. None except for you and Dol’Ron. Since he is gone, I guess I can only turn to you on this matter. I was hoping I could join your church – I’m not really one to agree with organized religion, but I am hoping you can keep an eye on me. I will discuss more later, but if something were to happen to me – which I think it will, I want you there to make sure that it gets sorted out. We can talk more later on it in private, but I hope you will consider this partnership seriously.”
This was the first time Wagner had opened up to anyone in years. It was strangely spirit-lifting.



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