Cursed Blood

Frosty sucks

Our intrepid little band headed to speak to the Druids to find out what was wrong. And they came upon a horrific scene three figures frozen in ice. With the assistance of some new found friends Ghostwalker ranger of the whispering wood and his brother Nathanor teacher of the earth mother they headed north to find the missing Druid thane

After some minor scuffles they finally emerged from the woods and started towards the mountains across the plains. Caught in a dreadful blizzard out in the open they quickly dug in to get some shelter as they were resting they were attacked by two large bestial humanoids covered in white fur and wolf liked faces. After dispatching the creatures they moved in and found a small village where the towns people had been frozen in blocks of ice setting up shelter in a inn they heroes met up with Jornarr a Magean wizard who was traveling as part of a caravan to his ancestral home the tower. He had a lot of info explaining the origins of Wolfgangs Blade. He further explains that a large wolf like humanoid called a Vargulf is stalking the remains of his caravan and he has been unsuccessful at stopping it and needs the heroes help.



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