Cursed Blood

Karnnaths Curse

I watch these fools as they break into my sanctum barley surviving the trap left over from dwarven days. Luckily for them they brought the little one with them I always liked him even before he gave me back the book set me free and gave Selene the finger. It’s too bad he will have to be destroyed nothing can stop the dark one from rising.

Dolraan threw his hammer with all the might of his clan not letting go of the handle he flew with it straight into the heart of the dark crystal at the same time Wagner could hear in his mind the word that would free him from icy doom Rose he said as he drove the blade through the heart of Karrnath he could see karnnaths soul being torn from his body and in the reflection of the blade he saw Rose and karnath embrace each other and the blade went dull. Fancy man quickly threw up a wall of storms around the crystal just as the hammer and barbarian in tow struck containing the explosion and saving the children and vanished. The golem collapsed with the death of his master and poipoin held liliths head in his hand as he poured the life giving elixir into her but to no avail. Her life force having fled her body. He pulled the orb of thessila against her skin it turned to ash. Then a dark figure arouse from the earth and touched Lilith she floated above the ground her skin glowing fully restored she gathered the children and ushered them out The Grimm hovered in front of the remaining heroes and in a harsh whisper that echoed in the souls of listeners he said" The threat is ended but many of the damned souls escaped when I was imprisoned many more than can be dealt with one lifetime your friend is gone he sacrificed his own soul to save the souls of many and closed the gates of the underworld. He is now and forever the bringer of wrath. Guardian of warriors who died in battle father of the Valkyrie. The storm lord elf is no more connecting himself with his magic to the crystal was too much for anyone to bear he will be given new life but he will never be the same and neither will the veil of magic. Know the book of Thel is not here nor is the eye of the abyss the crystal Karrnath used to observe and influence the world from his prison. These are not your concerns but others for you rest you may be called upon again



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