Cursed Blood

Season one episode one

The Red Dragon inn was what it was known to the topsiders bit to everyone in Dark-haven it was Malarkiy’s a sanctuary for any one who needed it. The group in there tonight was no different. Poipion was spinning tales from behind the bar Wolfgang was eating stew and relaxing in the corner and the brothers Grimm as they we’re known to the locals were playing dragon chess in the corner one was absolutely still as he contemplated his move while the other was fidgety and constantly telling the other to hurry up. The fireplace kick up as the door was thrown open. Two figures came insde one leaning on the other. Every one recognized Drincent his midnight blue fur was covered with blood and several quarrels were imbedded in him. The other was covered in thick robes hiding all features. Trevor became very upset demand an explanation his imposing figure and tentacles promising vengeance. Poipion calmed him and the party proceeded to help the ranger. They learned that Drincent was bringing an envoy of the Druids to see Wolfgang when they were ambushed by four men and a wolfhound but before the men could kill them a humanoid wolf like creature attacked the men. Realizing that Drincent was poisoned they got two local doctors to look at him they couldn’t identify it but they got him on the road to recovery. Fader the brothers Grimm adopted father said that he had never seen such a toxin when they heard a voice from the corner say rather dryly it was he never gets out of his cave. And behold the Fancyman of Cornwood was there he explained that he was trapped in the veil the barrier between this world and the next and the source of all magic and that everyone was in grave peril. That these men were Mage hounds given dire purpose to destroy all that is magical and the wolf-man that attacked them was their intended target and charged the group to help him or destroy him if no help could be given. The party set to track the men after finding two of them dead and the wolfhound followed after the wolf-man. They came upon a small stone tower locked after a few minutes Eric filled with impatience and his brother Rook knocked down the door the remaining two men were behind a overturned table one was bleeding and the other had a crossbow readied. Wolfgang tried to speak with them to get a surrender but they would have none of it which made Eric charge and get a quarrel in the shoulder which didn’t stop him from hacking the head off the crossbow man. Investigating the tower they found upstairs a large brazier filled with a viscous fluid reddish black and incense smoke filling the room interrogating the bleeding prisoner with the help of a little magic they learned a guardian was summoned when they broke open the door quickly they escaped the tower as a large figure sealed the door and the tower turned to obsidian.
XP 100 each player
DP 1 each character
Destiny points will be held until next level temporary ones will be given out in game to be used immediately



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