Cursed Blood

The dragons curse

The hounds have taken many hits along this dark road. They have survived and even done well but the darkness is coming they could even feel it when they saved the draconian a of the swamp they felt it when they helped the witch of the lonely pine and they felt it now as they stood above the corpse of a huge dragon knowing that this was not the end. After being interrogated by the obsidian claw captain they realized that all the civilian inhabitants had gone missing after a hint from the mercenary Wagner they headed to the hall to see what they could find what they found was truly disturbing. Chaplin the wizard who had saved them from their initial meeting of Selene Dolraans vampire bride was standing in front of everyone with the black and red robes of the cult of Thel with ram skull topped staff saying welcome friends and that is when Selene also showed up demanding that the kill him our friends have face many a stronger foe and quickly ended the foul wizard and his golem. They learned that Thel ancient demon lord of the underworld was holding the spirit of karnnaths beloved wife Rose. And would only free her if a large sacrifice dedicated to him was made so with the support of the keep the hounds were outfitted and headed off into the caves to find a way back into the caves of chaos.



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