Human Scout (Fighter)


Hailing from the Blackmere area, Wagner is enshrouded in as much mystery as the surounding woods, marsh and ruins of his place of origin.

Little is known about this young human merc, and what little there is to know about him is that he is consice and to the point; untrusting and hardend from a life time of difficulty. Tales have been told that he has frequently gone on dangerous missions, and that these almost always end badly due to group coehsion and morale degrading until someone betrays the party.

The only thing that Wagner is able to trust is his enchanted sword. Ironically, due to it being a relic from the Demon Wars, others regard it with a fear and uneasiness that Wagner holds to most people. This sword has legends placed upon it by all the villagers of the local areas, many are of begrudging respect, but few aspire to a higher level of morality.

Waggner is in a sort of love-hate relationship with the blade. Scrupples be damned, he hates that the blade carries more aknoweldgement than him. But because he knows that it can slice and kill proficiently and reliably, there is little chance that he will part with it.


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