Cursed Blood

Clone Wars

The events as told through a pseudo-Popoion Malark Narration:

After a quick rest, Popoion and his Jolly Band of Bland Characters set out to find the dastardly dominating duo who had thus far eluded all the traps, monsters, and of course: the Jolly Band of Bland Characters themselves.

It was a race against the hourglass… or perhaps the minute glass… mayhaps even second glass, but alas I digress… time was of the essence in this place of nowhere and perhaps nowhen, and the champions of the Kings Own were hell bent on foiling their connivings.

Blasting down the stairways, with little warrant for traps, they came to a set of double doors with the bane of Malark’s existence: Locks. Indeed the little fool was able to find and disable traps with some proficiency, but the mechanisms that inhibited people from going through wooden or ston portals was a skill he did not have. Thus was the bane of a traveling performer who was also a tomb raider: you had to give up some skills to take up the arts.

Holding his little ring of light to the doorway, Popoion was able to make out the locks in greater detail: there were three, assembled in a vertical set. the two on the outer locks resembled your average lock: a key hole with some metal craft. However the one in the middle had no sucj orifice for a phallic-resembling item to jam in and turn about. Perhaps Malark would be able to blindly unlatch the two others, but this one was going to be beyond his abilities.

Also: it was booby-traped. This wasn’t really established by Malark’s trap finding training, but more of the nice glowing arcane rune(s) that gave a nice pink/purple light above the door. Having a knack for magic, Malark knew that shit was going to fly if they didn’t handle this properly.

Looking at the door itself, Malark and Co. found that it had the exact same engraved scene as the first double doors they ran into: a man on one knee presenting a rose to a white dressed woman. Malark rubbed his chin, pondering out loud:
“Obviously we have a riddle here: my guess is we need to give a password in order to remove that there magical spell of ass-handing.”

“Or we could just break the latches with a thundering hammer.” pointed the Fancyman. Taking the cue, Dol’ron wound up to strike the metal locks.

Malark shrugged his shoulders. it was about all he could do aside from perhaps wetting himself. He couldn’t stop the barbarian physically, and there was no way he was going to be able to stop him verbally while he was in mid swing. The clown just commented plainly while shaking his head. “You know: we could guess. It might havce something to do with that rose.”

The glyph dimmed just as Dolron hit the lock. To the relief of Popoion. Surprisingly: the metal shattered under Dolron’s hammer. Guess metal in this realm had the same properties as metal in the real world: When left in extreme cold for a long period it got brittle.

The door was smashed open and Malark dashed in. Seeing the cowled figure and the supposed vizier, Malark chirped in “Hey friends, I brought some more friends!” It wasn’t his greatest of jokes, but the circumstance did give it a bit of irony. It would have to do.

The others pilled in aside from Hugor the cleric, who stayed back and readied his healing spells. Fancyman got inside the room and prepared a spell in the event the two started to strugle. The vizier muttered “Orcus” and a sound was heard outside: a loud gasp of surprise of Hugor. Fancyman cursed loudly and threw his attention to outside the room. Malark paid them no heed, it was fire time. Taking his last alchemist’s fire, he tried shanking the vizier. Why the vizier and not the other target: because the vizier had up to that point proven to be more of a dick.

No blood was drawn, just some explosions that got a huge corrosive cloud in the middle of the room and the like, but nothing big.

Then the clocked figure threw of its cowl to show the Jolly Band of Bland Characters. Malark cocked his head: “He’s a she?” It was indeed a woman, a rather beautiful one. In other conditions, Malark might have tried throwing his childish charms to nuzzle up to her perky breasts, but at the moment he had plans to foil. Meant he needed to shank her. Sand day: the world would lose a perfect pair of mammaries.

Malark was about to get some more shanking done with his alchemist’s fire when Dolron crumpled to his knees and started sobbing. The woman called for parley, but Frodrick the Fanatic would have none of that: I shan’t raise my blade to ye m’lady, but this !$#@ has got to go. He then brought his shield hand up to his face then threw it out a bit. His head jolted to the woman and looked at her with wide eyes. He cried out “You’re undead!?”

Looking to Dolron, Malark found that he was crying all the louder at those words, he reached a hand to the woman, but any words he belched out were slured and inaudible. The woman paid him little heed. As far as Malark could tell, she had not cast any spell. What the hell was going on with Dinggus Dolron? The Jolly Band of Bland Characters needed his hammer to lay the smack down.

The Malark shrugged and finally got his alchemist’s fire off on the vizier, who lit and who now completely contrasted Dolron: One of fire, one of water. One of sorrow, one of rage. one of inaudible gushing, one of very vivid curses. It made for quite the pallete for the eyes… which were a bit teary at the moment because the corrosive cloud was a bit too close for comfort.

The vizier then went rigid as he looked behind him. He covered himself as if to shield something coming down on him. All the crazies in one room, Malark felt so normal.

“Everyone stop.” Commanded the woman again. When again there was no intention shown of heeding her words, she looked to Dol’ron and said. “If anyone attacks anyone, go into the cloud.” Between outbursts that boarded wails, Dol’ron gave a verbal acknowledgement and a nod to show his compliance.

“You faggoty pussy-whipped curr.” Malark muttered. He raised his hands to behind his head, showing his intent of complaiance. Frodrick looked to the woman “You willing to drop the book?”
“The book? Why?”
“Ye willing to drop the book?”
“Yes, fine. It would do you no good.” With that the woman put the book on the table, to which Malark scooped it up and scurried off to the back of the room, where a crystal coffin like thing laid.

The others talked about some shit, and Malark looked in the coffin… the thing inside looked like a naked twin of the Vizier. Malark noted as such. Some blah blah went on about clones and the made-which-should-not-be-mentioned. Apparently the Vizier is a clone that failed, and is now out to screw his original counterpart. Coo beans.

Malark decided that the lever that was convienantly next to the Clone Tank should be destroyed: acid was the key. The woman shouted some vulgarities at Malark, who complied not to dabble with the mechanism, but was wishing he had used his alchemists fire on someone else.

Dolron was still balling like a baby, almost grovling at the woman’s feet. Cool beans.

Then the Fancyman said the name “Karnath”. Not cool beans.

“Don’t say it!” Malark screamed, but alas, it was too late. The druid that they had mat and sent them to find the book was now before them, thanking them for finding his book – and looking straight at Popoion.

So let’s rehash: The Fancyman babbled to an ancient and a possibly powerful wizard his own name, and now he uttered the one name that should NEVER be mentioned inside this ziggauart. Note to self: Never give the Fancyman expensive things, he just throws them around like yesterdays socks.

But enough of that, Death is looking straight at our midget hero at this point. Some exchange was made: Give book, receive a “get out of jail free” card. Malark was at this point not careing who got the book so long as he made it out of this obsidian hell. It also sounded like that is what Karnath was getting at too. Being stuck with a large hairy wolf bat that stunk of guano and a pale broad who sang constantly in melancholy would get on anyone’s nerves after a thousand years.

Walking ever so slowly, Malark walked to the man, the book now in his backpack. He saw the Fancyman shake his head nervously. As much as the Fancyman was for not being discreet with words, he knew his arcane shit. If he didnt want this guy to have it, then perhaps Malark wouldn’t either. His head started to think: Orcus was the name used to activate some sort of trap outside. The cleric had strode in muttering about a pit. So if that were the case there were three likely possibilities of how to revert it: 1- it was orcus. 2- Pelor: the opposite of the Demonlord. 3- Demogorgon, the arch nemesis of Orcus. The hallway was a little to his right… as in 15 feet. If he got a full drop on Karnath, he might be able to sprint down the hall. Presuming the others delayed the Sorcerer King, perhaps Popoion could get to the warden with the book, and figure out some way to get out of here in one piece… with his Jolly Band of Bland Characters of course.

But as he called out all three name “Orcus! Pelor! Demogorgon!” He saw the road open up from a pit. Then be consumed by a large wall of fire. Damn mages. The heat was intense. Karnath took a swipe that felt more like a snowstorm mixed with death then a slash of claws. Malark booked it to the other side, hazarding the various glass and chemicales that were in the middle of the room… apparently the cloud of gas had been disspersed in this time, and the table and beakers that once presided over the area was no more. He got to the vizier as Frodrick covered his escape, and the Fancyman tried to dispell the magics of the firewall. no such luck.

“Give me the book you… CHILD!” Screamed the woman. Malark watched as Philius Von Fottlebottom took a lightning bolt to the chest in sheer pain, yet no bodily damage. He saw the fire frwoing, and the smoke filling the room. Which was it: the woman or the Sorcerer King?

“Bros before hoes bitch!” Malark screamed, diving away from her as she tried to swipe at him to grab him by the neck. “Here! Take it! I learned my lesson! Spare us please!” He took the book out of the bag, as people screamed “NOOOOOOOO”. Dolron was still sputtering like a boob.

Karnath leaned over and whispered something to Popoion. then walked into the flames of the wall. Retreiving his rope, Popoion ran about the room, handing it to his party memeber (and throwing an end to Phillius). “Quick! Follow me! There is no time to explain!”

“What do you mean?” Asked the Fancyman.

“No time to explain!”

“there is still time – you could have explained in the time we have used to explain you can’t explain.”

Apparently the guy didn’t get it: though perhaps she had won them over, Malark didnt want her out of here. If he could lose her now, there was a chance she and the vizier wouldnt be able to get out. the smoke was thick, but Popoion with his short stature was able to see fairly well because he stood bellow the smoke.

Ignoreing Fancyman, he ran on after quickly tying an Dol’Ron’s wrist with his rope. He hoped the tugs would cow Diggus Dolron into following.

With that, He jumped into the mirror.

The entire group was on the other side: they would have to take in their surroundings to see where they had landed.

Perhaps slap Dol’ron a couple times too. He royally boned them at the end there.

Obsidian pyramid

We continued speaking to the mysterious warden of the ziggurat prison. The minstrel Malark inquired if there were any other traps in this pyramid that they should know of, to which the warden said it was all up to the prisoner. He expanded on how this prison was a reflection of the prisoner’s own psyche, and much of the attributes symbolized memories, impressions, and emotions brought on by its experiences. It was noted that none should utter the prisoners name, lest the feel the wrath of his spirit that haunts the halls of the obsidian ziggurat.

One thing that the warden did mention was to beware “the wargulf”. To which Dolran seemed to lapse into a slight haze as frightening memories resurfaced after a thousand year submerging of enchanted rage. When the mental fit did its course, the noble barbarian shared his experiences of the beast: how when he had assaulted the castle with his father and a legion of men, they could only keep the monster at bay but could not harm it. It had the form of an enormous bat that had patches of decay and has the fangs, claws, and tail of a lion. In the end he and his father had to leave the men to deal with it while they went on to hopefully finish off the now “prisoner”.

The warden nodded, saying that the beast had a lair in the lower tier of the prison – normal weapons would not harm it – only magic, and cold iron may pass through its defences effectively. Seeing the black guard and the cleric at the back of the group, he noted that their holy powers would have greater effect on the beast, though at the same time this prison drained the power of the light.

And it was true: the light from their sources had visibly been diminished from the normal world to this one, as if this plane of existence was actively seeking to destroy the antithesis of its existence. Having been openly informed of this, as opposed to just letting it linger, had left an eerie impression on the group.

They left with the warning that Dolran must not lose blood in this prison, for it shall have dire repercussions. Going back up to the antechamber where they found the secret entrance, they found that some of the statues had come to life – much like the fancy man had predicted. The twist was that they were statues that had been hidden in the far corners of the room. Because this was the only area that was well light with enchanted torches, the group made short work of the beasts and head down. They expected to find something akin to daemons, but what they found in some cases was worse.

Getting to the bottom of the first stairwell, which seemed to go forever, the group found a door with inscriptions, hidden by the darkness of the sleek obsidian surface amongst the overwhelming dark. Malark used some chalk and parchment to etch the inscription which showed a man holding a rose to a feminine figure. A lover of the prisoner? No story had been told of this particular sorcerer king having a sweetheart, but history had a funny way of being romanticized, edited and reedited, and lost my flame and ignorance. Furthermore, because this was a reflection of the prisoner’s own experiences, it could just be an interpretation of how he saw a past event or person, and not the facts of the event itself.

In any case, Malark gave the etching to the Fancyman, thinking he might have an interest in it, or would have peers that might be willing to purchase it for a prettier penny then the minstrel could find. The doors opened easy enough, and what the party found was a series of stone sarcophagi with stone depictions jutting out of the tops: one for each sarcophagus.

Malark wanted to open one up, see what was on the other side, but got into an argument with Dolran, who did not wish to open the things up in case an enemy undead waited on the other end. He also noted that these men looked like his own men when they assailed the castle some thousand years earlier – but his clan cremated their dead. It was unnerving that they had tombs. Malark was in mid-sentence about “glory is found by the bold” when he stopped. No one could see his face because it was hidden behind his jester mask, but by the droop in his arms and the awkward roaming that occurred, as well as the emotional surge that went through each of them it was easy to tell that the party was being assailed by an enchantment spell.

Malark and Frodrick were the only ones to fall to the spell, as a gaunt white woman in a white dress suddenly appeared, her song entrancing the two to come towards her. The barbarian lunged in, and after tacking an enchanted flick to the forehead, made paste of her frail frame.

No sooner had she been defeated then 5/6s of the party were blown by dark flame from further within the gloom of the tomb. The Fancyman of Cornwood cast his flaming sphere to give off a decent amount of light, and to Dolran’s dread, the entire group faced off against the undead image of his deceased father.

The new adversary had black flames swirling from a gauntleted hand, the remnants of some unholy fire spell that had hit the group. Along with the obsidian sword, black armour, the greyish aura that surrounded him, and his gaunt and hollow complexion, it was evident he was something unholy and undead. No one of the group could figure it out, except for Popoion, who in the seconds of the silent standoff murmured something about “A terror-incarnate: Death Knight”.

Fueled by the outrage that his father’s noble image could be made into a profane mockery, Dolran charged in. But his anger could not overcome the initial wall of terror that he walked through to get at his target. Fear gripped him, but not before he took a mighty swing at the Death Knight.

It was then that Frodrick stepped in. Having his own aura of courage, he strengthened Doran’s heart enough to overcome the fear effect, and together with Filius they turned to keep the monster at bay while Malark threw alchemists fires and the Fancyman of Cornwood cast spells of magic ether and lightning. Dolran seemed to be the focus of the things attacks, and it growled and howled as it threw its onslaughts of attacks at the man. Dolran suffered many grievous gashes, but the cleric managed to keep him up while they fought.

Though Malark was ineffective with his barrage of fire, the Fancyman made short work of the creature. After the fight, they sat down and rested for they were exhausted from the singing, fire, and exertion from trading blows with the Death Knight. It was then that they noted with worry that though Dolran had suffered many injuries, but not a drop of blood was found on his body or on the floor.

After the rest, Frodrick walked up to the Death Knight, and was about to start salvaging his wears when Dolran stopped him. “Why!?” Asked the dwarf, “We could use this for the battles to come, and even sell the obsidian for an ass load when we get back!”

“It is, like the image of my father, a mockery to existence! It must be destroyed!”

“Are you out of your mind!” The feud went on for a minute or so, but when the rest of the group (including the tomb raiding Malark) took Dolran’s side, the estranged and miserly old dwarf stepped off and let the man do what he needed to do. They all sat outside the tomb chambers as a thundering crash was heard from the other side of the doors. This was followed by many other quieter smashes, and when the group got back in, they found every tomb defaced of images.

With that they proceeded to the only other exit, which lead down even further. They got to the bottom of the steps and found that it opened up into a huge cavern. Dolran noted that there should be a giant stone skull in the center of this chamber which would lead to the master’s chamber – where theoretically the prisoner sorcerer king awaited. He also noted that this is where he had to leave his men and proceed only with his father; this was the lair of the Vargulf. All listened hard for the sound of anything huge lumbering about but nothing came. Not even Frodrick, with his acute hearing and uncanny ability to perceive threats in stone areas could locate any threat. Malark nodded and said he would check the skull out then, see if there were any traps left by the vizier and his friend or that was placed by the prisoner of this place.

The Fancyman offered to help, since he was fairly good at spotting oblong details. Malark was happy to take him along, since two pairs of eyes were always better than one, even if one was untrained at looking for something in particular.

Having cast red-light spells on a small item for everyone (except Frodrick who felt more at home in the dark), the two proceeded forward. The skull was indeed huge. All they could see at the base was the chin and lower jaw. They would need to climb up it in order to get in. But as they looked for traps, one was sprung: the Vargulf dropped down from somewhere above and landed on Popoion Malark. Taking a bite out of him, the halfling fell to the floor in a stiff state.

They couldn’t see the particulars, but they heard the thud, the roar of a monster, and the huge shadow that now blocked the faint red light of their two companions. Dolran hollered, almost out of instinct “VARGULF”. The Fancyman cast a new flaming sphere to allow everyone to see better, and the Vargulf flew back into the shadows of the cavern above where it was silent once more. The cleric healed up the Fancyman as he had been raked in the skirmish, and Frodrick cast a spell of rejuvenation, relinquishing Malark’s body of the paralyzing energy that held his body to the ground. Malark got up and threw his multi coloured silk rope and grappling hook into the mouth of the skull while Dolran commanded that they start going up.

As the beast came down on the Fancyman, one of its claws missed the wizard and hit the obsidian ground, making it fumble to the ground and unable to fly by with its attack and become grounded. Frodrick brought up his shiled and charged in, smiting the creature with deadly precision and channeling the energy of the pantheon’s divine power. He cried out that he would hold of the Vargulf: he didn’t want to die, but like last time, the main objective had to be reached. Perhaps it was a means of atonement for his poor performance earlier, but the party would have none of that.

Dolran used this opening as the Fancyman fled from CQC by throwing his mighty hammer. As per the norm, it gave a mighty thundering explosion upon impact. But it seemed that a paradigm shift had opened up within the barbarian after defeating his father, one where it exponentially increased the growth of his inner character. This in turn had unlocked a new ability for his enchanted hammer, and after the thundering explosion, everyone watched as the hammer flew back into Dolran’s hands. It was evident that the thunderous effects had left both the dwarf and Vargulf deafened, and for the Vargulf, that meant it no longer had the advantage of its hearing sonar. Filius did not wish to risk the monster fleeing to recover – so he charged in, jumping on it and climbing up to its head where he prepared to bash it in the head.

The monster howled as it tried to remove the extra weight from its body while fighting off the paladin. All that was in vain. Calling out a battle cry of his long-gone clan, Dolran jumped in as well, and fell the monster with his mighty hammer. It fell in a heap, and Frodrick lifted his Shield up to give Fillius a slightly small fall down. Filius landed on the shield, but Frodrick had improper footing and crumbled beneath the monk’s weight. Malark made a note to harang the dwarf about that maneuver later.

But for now they would need to rest up. The next encounter would theoretically be the climax of this dungeon delve.

The story so far

The kings own regiment was one of the most prominent military units of Onara. When
King Theras the third died he was survived by his second wife Larissa of Aundar and his daughter princess Arlen when the kings council chose the new queen as regent and not the princess the princess was enraged and fled the capital Celene named after his first wife.

With dissension in the capital the kings council decided to send kings own to the borderlands to quell some rebellious thoughts. The azure scouts were sent on the mission to check out a set of caves in a canyon not far from the keep. There they had found a large group of goblins and even a ogre but the real discovery was a cult of some sort demon worshipers. Fighting through hordes of undead and malevolent priests they found in a dungeon cell the princess tortured and almost drained of blood they found that she had been placed under the medusa curse her visage capable of turning men to stone freeing her and healing her they found it was her horde of goblins had come here to walk on the capital and demand the throne.

The group returned to the keep to get healing supplies and information they discovered the Chaplin had been dominated by a vampire and were trapped in a old church outside of the keep they found a secret passage under the church that led back to the caves. After talking to the princess they went to investigate a particular cave that the goblins feared there they found an owl bear nest and the entrance to an ancient tomb of sorts they also found an agent of the unseen hand an order of brothers who work behind the scenes to further royal interests Filious explained the the queen did not enact the medusa curse for she had neither desire or ability and was grief stricken when the princess had fled. They also learned that through the use of some old book and the cursed blood of the princes the cult had broken the seal of the tomb.

They followed the cult into the tomb and found themselves lost in a labyrinth were they ran afoul of a raging beast using illusion to calm it Fancyman broke the curse that held the barbarian Dolron in a perpetual rage. That is when a Druid thane appeared saying having freed his guardian they had to replace him or find the cultist kill them and give him the book. They found the cultist in a large cavern that had a tower floating in the centre of it standing on the bridge was a member of kings guard and trying to gain entry to the tower was the royal vizier and a cloaked figure. Before they could engage them a Fomorian giant attacked while everyone was distracted Malarkey attacked the vizier breaking the paladin free of the charm spell that held him enthralled. The vizier and cloaked figure with a feigning charmed Malarkey escaped into the tower.

In the tower they found the rogue in a magic circle hold open a gate spell following through they found themselves on top of a giant ziggurat made of obsidian with a statue of Orcus on top following into the ziggurat the found an ancient elf in a secret room in a magic circle who explains that this is a prison for an ancient sorcerer king the same that had cursed the barbarian a thousand years before and the prison itself was the sorcerers own soul to which he had become warden

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