Cursed Blood

S01E01 part2

The Trouble with Tom

Our group of adventurers had managed to get one of the brigands that had attacked Drincent back to Malarkiy’s where they interrogated him further where they learned that their leader was the one who got his head cut off by Eric and that he got orders from upstairs at thier HQ but other than that they got very little. He was taken to jail by Wolfgang where he would meet the justice of the Blackmere Hounds the local law enforcement. Meanwhile everyone else sought to figure out the next move. That’s when Trevor came in very upset and claim that something had happened to scary Tom a childhood friend of the Grimm brothers. The brothers , Calibos and the halfing went in search for Tom where he lived in the sewers under the under keep Haven. The brothers reminisced of thier adventure with Tom where they decided to enter in the Temple of Thel where the cities heroes had faced off with Karrnath and saved a group of children from being sacrificed including themselves. Eric always found Tom unsettling maybe it was resenting he had parents or that he was fat and awkward. But for that reason he had put him up to be th first to enter the horrible place. Tom slowly moved across the bridge and saw the door opened a crack he pushed it in further with a loud creak Eric yelled " Heh fatty why don’t ya make some more noise maybe you’ll wake up Karrnath" as they followed behind Tom. With that the remains of several bodies began to stir inside of the temple " I believe you just did. " remarked Rook. As they rose Tom screamed and ran back towards the brothers and past them onto the bridge. A colomn of darkness like smoke sped overhead of Tom and landed in the middle of the bridge forming into a figure wrapped in a cloak of darkness it’s hands were massive talons out of proportion with the rest of its body. Tom stopped in his tracks mesmerized by his own fear. Eric grabbed the first thing he could a large one sided axe buried in a skull. He tore it out and ran across blocking the creatures claws with the haft of the axe. Yelling at Tom to run which snapped him out of his stupor Tom fled across the bridge as did Rook. Pulling back Eric made a huge overhand hack at the creatures head the creature pulled back and Eric let the foward momentum of the axe pull himself foward in to a somersault which he used to get past the monster and run across the bridge. Maybe it was the adventure or the fact years later Toms parents died destroyed by their own folly. But the brothers always felt responsible for him especially when he secluded himself in the sewers. They went to Toms home and met up with him he was dressed in robes carrying a 4 ft long test tube filled with fluorescent slime which he used as a light source and a way to scare people off waving it around like sword. After being interrogated by Eric Tom confessed that after a particular bad beating up top in the city a strange man had given him a gift a charm that would allow him to defeat his enemies a necklace with a silver fang attached. But they had to get out of there cause something had followed him. And as they made their way a roots a catwalk the swamp wolf blocked thier path. It’s shape was exactly like a wolf but that was were the similarity ended instead of fur it had thick scales and snake like fangs dripping with venom Tom screamed and threw his tube of slime at the creature hitting full in the face. The swamp devil leapt forth pounced on Tom and tore open his throat and Tom fell into the sewer beneath the catwalk. Eric went into a rage charged foward and roundhoused kicked th devil in the ribs knocking him off the catwalk and proceeded to jump after him careless of the green slime covering th bottom of the sewers. Calibos and the halfling followed behind using magic to strike at the devil it was Calibos with his magic and staff who stove in the creatures head and as it dropped in the sewer a stream of darkness like smoke sped out of its mouth. The team left the sewers a little worse for wear Eric needed new boots because of the slime and they had managed to save the corpse of the swamp devil for further examination. " Poor Tom " Trevor said as they left the sewers " Tom was a fucking idiot. " Eric grumbled and if anyone had looked back they would have seen a grimace on Eric’s face that relayed grief more than anger a sadness that he would never admit but Rook knew ha always did.

Meanwhile a dark figure loomed in the darkness tall and thin wearing a long coat and top hat standing in the sewers his hand reached out and a bubbling from the water appeared and Toms half consumed body rose up out the water floating in the air. The other mans hand turns black as pitch and stretches into claws and with one finger he plucks the chain off of toms neck letting the body slip back into the water he walks off spinning the chain on his finger and whistling a funny little dirge funny and sweet dark and ominous



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