Cursed Blood

Spiders and Flies

Upon entering the webbed area, the group found themselves in the presence of an altered old ally. “My greetings go out to you Azure Hounds. I haven’t seen you for a while now.” Came the voice of Lilith. She had spoken perfect Common, but that was the least startling thing about her. From about the waist up she was an ebony skinned elf, but her lower body was that of a lag spider.

“Lilith… you look… different….” The Fancyman stammered out.

“Did you do something with your hair?” Popoion chimed in.

Lilith giggled at this and played the part of the charmed maiden, though her body was intimidatingly altered.

The Fancyman started to progress towards Lilith as he switched over to his elvish tongue. In the back Dol’ran started to speak his mind on the nature of cursed beings, and raised his hammer as if to lead a charge. Lilith instantly cast a spell that cocooned the barbarian in web. Everyone was now on their toes and alert, but the Fancyman continued to whisper sweet nothings to her in elvish, he even went so far as to kiss her hand.

Then after a time, the Fancymanstepped back from Lilith and turned around casting a spell of lightning and thunder which manifested beside Dol’ron. He called out “See the might of Dol’ron!” as the barbarian started to get electrocuted in the moist web.

Wagner was instantly on Fancyman. Grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, he demanded to know what the Fancyman was up to. At that moment a couple large spiders and another Lilith-monster descended from the canopy. Wagner took this in and moved the Fancyman so that the fighter was between him and the crowd. “We will be exchanging some words after this wizard.”

“Better hope mine aren’t spell incantations…” Mumbled Fancyman as he prepared a new spell.

In the blink of an eye the area was covered in a large area web spell. Hugor and the lizardman guide were instantly trapped while Popoion and Wagner managed to evade the effects and get out of the area of effect. Fancyman had also avoided being stuck initially, but was slower on getting out, and soon found himself entangled simply because he stayed in it too long and had amassed enough strands to hold him down.

Wagner lead the assault on the two spider-women while Popoion hid in the back and attacked the spiders with his shortsword.

As the seconds flew and Wagner carved the monsters up, he called out “Show me your hand! FANCYMAN!” As some sort of cued battle cry for the wizard to cast his powerful magicks.

The response was less than fanciful: “I’m stuck!”

Giving a sigh, Wagner continued to fight the girls, taking damage from them until he was in a corner of the lair with no means of escape. Blood was now starting to seep from his side and his knees were buckling slightly. It looked like the end, as he saw hunger in the spiders’ eyes. He clenched his jaw, preparing to embrace the pain of their jaws, which now showed razor sharp teeth as well as a hidden set of mandibles.

But then the matriarch turned her head. Popoion was using a bell he had brought with him to get their attention. He was also spanking his bum and calling out “You have eight legs and you don’t have the decency to shave even one of them you ugly piece of spider crap!?”

Perhaps it was the heat of battle that made her susceptible to rage. Perhaps it was that the weak Halfling had the gall to mock her when all the other (and notably more powerful) members had fallen. Inconsequential to the motivating force behind it, it was enough to spur the first Lilith creature to charge after Popoion. She realized a split second too late that the two-handed sword wielder still had fight in him, and that he used the opening in her defense to run her through. She fell to the ground in a heap of flesh and carapace.

The other spider-woman tried to kill Wagner while he was focused on the matriarch, but as luck would have it she only found his armor and dealt no wounds to him. Popoion then caught her attention for a quick second which lead to her demise.


The party was tired and exhausted when everyone was released from the webbing. It took a full hour to rest up, and no one seemed to notice until after they had rested and were figuring out what to bring back to the lizardmen when they noticed that Popoion was missing – and had been ever since the end of the battle.

Looking around the battle area, the party noted that Popoion’s iconic rainbow scarf rope was found tired to the root of the large tree at the back of the lair. It went into a hallow part of the tree and descended down. The rope ended not too far down the looping ramp, but looking closer they found that fishing wire was tied to the end of the rope, leading them further down.

When they got to the bottom, they found that the lair had all the bones that were missing from the surface. Many decrepit corpses were scattered about, and among them were some that had tattoos on the shrivelled skin, identifying them as the lowly Emerald Claw Corps.

Atop a pile of bones and corpses the group found Popoion cradling the elf Lilith’s head in his lap. He had his crossbow drawn and seemed to be keeping watch over the unconscious woman.

“Was wondering if you guys would ever get down here. I was worried that something might come down here and eat her if I left her unattended, so I had to stay.”

Hugor looked over the woman and found that there was a hole in her clothing starting where the rib cage parted and went down to just slightly over the mid of her abdomen. There was also a rather impressive scar which indicated a huge (and vital) wound had been there, and recently healed by some sort of magic. He turned to the jester inquisitively. “How in the nine hells did you seal this up?”

“Jazz hands.” Popoion stated as he did the action with his hands.

“Whatever.” Hugor said flatly and then continued to assess the woman. “She is in critical condition, though her wounds are sealed. She is dehydrated and malnourished. I don’t know how she is mentally, but she is probably damaged in that regard too.”


The group decided to harvest only a couple legs of the spider-woman, as the cloned elf top might make the lizard folk suspicious of Lilith. They asked that their guide keep her secret, it merely did a hissing grumble, and they hoped it was a sign of agreement of some degree.



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