Cursed Blood

What a load of malarkey

The troupe headed towards the keep. They were quite surprised to see a horde of undead ahead wondering how they got ahead of them they back tracked. Finding an old forgotten path freshly trodden they followed it down there they found Elsa and the children one of which gave Eric a greeting far out of expectations and Wolfgang was also surprised. He and Rook had met up with the party outside the town and Wolfgang in one moment saw everything as clear as day in rage and frustration he threw down his fathers sword and fled. Elsa as ever the ice witch looked with derision and said “fuck him”. The party cautiously moved foward realizing this path led to the bone yard a place where the peaple of the keep would throw the remains of their unwanted citizens . There they saw a curious sight a bedraggled man cooking a large cauldron of some sort of stew panicking running back and forth. After some debate for their next step Ghost thought to himself WWLJD and headed out to see if he could free the chained man. Once the party realized that one of them was gone they headed to the cliff side clearing. Meanwhile after unsuccessfully trying to free the man who apparently did not want it. Ghost had to hide under the bed of the hut when he heard the flapping of wings and there he saw a great reptilian bird like creature like a dragon but more bird like a gryphon. A cloaked figure obviously leapt of the back of the beast and proceeded to abuse the slave both verbally and physically. Then the woman went to bed the bed that ghost was hiding under. Meanwhile the rest of the party decided to assault the nest of the gryphon and well when plans don’t work you improvise. In the ensuing chaos the woman did not wake could not wake. The gryphon was calmed and befriended by Calibos. The woman was locked in the cabin and the slave revealed that he was not a slave but the guardian of the woman who turned out to be be the queen the last descendant of the line of Dol’Rann. He had much to reveal. He and Frodwick had fled the capitol when it was almost destroyed but that it was not the king who had caused that destruction that preceded him losing his mind and started casting spells to the ruination of all it was Frodwick who had killed the king and both of them had fled with a very pregnant queen. After the birth Philius swore to stay with the queen as he had done for most of her life and Frodwick would take the child into the keep for safe keeping. The queen had not fared well with pregnancy and the old curse that had tormented her years before had come back with a vengeance. After long discussion the headed towards the old chapel where the Azure hounds had first met with Selene the vampire. At the doors of the chapel from behind a pillar came a familiar voice that of Poipoin Malarkey he said that they must all flee get on a boat and get as far and as fast as possible for the dead were rising both in and out of the keep he had made it out through the sewers and tunnels that honeycombed underneath the keep he also revealed himself as the head of the thieves guild. Using his mask of disguise he had set the heroes on the mystery of the murder in the small town in the hopes of getting them out of the city for he had a feeling that this was going to happen. This set the party aback but it also made Merrick highly suspicious for he knew that a item with disguise enchantments on it could only alter the person slightly giving the foot difference in height. And in that moment it came to him that all the quest and leading information came indirectly or directly from Malarkey. That it was him who gave that book to Karnath those many years ago that it was him that sent Eric and the others to the temple where they met the Demi lich not just the last Tim but when they were children he also could have been the one giving out tainted magic items first to Tom then to Elsa. He could have been the one who had the group clear out the kobolds and the Darghul from the temple so he could walk right in there with the skull and waken this thing that has been doing all this. At this moment when he realized this he locked eyes with malarkey mouth agape and Malarkey winked at him and said "Well some people are too smart for their own good. " and threw a dagger at him at the same time a large group of cultist came pouring out the front of the chapel.



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