Frodrick Redbrew

Dwarven Blackguard




Distinguished from his kin, Frodrick found out that he was able to cast magic. He has since honed that power, and found out that it is the type that divine folk use (though dwarves still mistrust it).

Frodrick is old even by Dwarven standards, and he was around when the deamon rift had occured, and even before when the dwarves were enslaved by the giants.

Now he is officially one of the king’s guard: a renowned group of individuals who were handpicked to aid and protect the king when he was alive. Since the king has passed away, Frodrick has decided to try and keep his late liege’s name and dynasty going. For that, he has secretly aligned himself with the princess, though he has no ill will towards the ruling queen.

He was dominated by the companion of the royal vizier when they went out in search of the princess, and was forced to kill a group of cultists. He has since joined the King’s Own, in hopes of thwarting the vizier and his goals, as well as get some well deserved revenge.

Frodrick Redbrew

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