Cursed Blood

How much damage?!

The cultists stormed out of the old temple surrounding Blackmere’s bane a title deserved after seeing how upset Wolfgang was. The little bastard malark was no where to be seen. The whispered ones fought hard but the heroes remained strong but one of the cultist was a lot more viscous than the others. Calibos called on nature with a piercing beam of moonlight which would show true the shape of malark. Malark was revealed to be the same creature who had granted wishes and saved the lives of some of the party Rook included. Malark looked at Calibos with an odd little smirk and said “oh you shouldn’t have done that”. And threw a kris blade short sword coated with poison. Calibos would have died right there if not for the magic ring that healed him. Ghost had been having an easy time taking pot shots at the cultist and saw his oppurtnety to sink an arrow into malark. The group had victory in sight when one of the few cultist left twisted in agony and said “oh you shouldn’t have done that”. It turned out that malark was some sort of possessing spirit. When out of the sky came a griffon with a girl riding it well more holding on for dear life than riding. They snatched malark off the ground and dropped him off the clff. The heroes took refuge in the temple and found a strange puzzle barring the way to the underkeep.



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