Cursed Blood

New begins the quest

After solving the mystery and a romantic interlude with Elsa who turns out to be Dornish and in disguise Eric felt good all is right with the world even that Weirdo Merrick couldn’t put off his game good thing Rook wasn’t here he would be all righteous and say how he shouldn’t had slept with Wolfgangs betrothed but what does he know he doesn’t even have a dick. Talen came stumbling into the inn blood all over him “we have a problem” I am the solution Eric said. Taken had lost his suit of foliage he used as camouflage he had scratches and bite marks all over himself . He said that he had gone to see an avatar of the witch queen of Erethor ,the whispering woods that he called home. She told him of a great upheaval in the world and that he had to go to the Caves of Chaos and investigate it was there you would find the answers that he seeks. He had gotten to the cave without incident but there he saw to his horror that the caves had been unblocked and that all those creatures that were buried in the cave in we’re now bieng herded like cattle by a lone figure riding a large wolf like creature ,a Kartag ,wolf in form but scaled like a crocodile and quite venomous . The army of undead goblins and bugbears and even a Oruk headed towards the keep and would destroy any thing in its path. Like all the out lying communities. So he turned to warn them ,then he saw the eyes hiding in the woods like orbs of reflection hovering in the darkness he recognized those eyes for he saw them in his home far to the north. Orendor they called themselves but to his people they were Orc. Children of the shadow of the north Izrador and those eyes were looking right at him the bushes exploded as three of these towering brutish figures came charging towards Talen. Wielding vardatches ,curved heavy blades that anyone else would need two hands to hold. They came in swinging low hoping to take out his legs. For speed is a Erunsils best friend and a lumbering orcs worst enemy with the stag horn strapped to his left hand and his silver plated fighting knife in his right he side stepped the first overhand blow and pinning the blade to the ground with his stag horn he pushed up with his legs did a hand stand kicking the second Orc squarely in the faceand landing on the other side of his first attacker. Finding a perfect spot to place his blade ,in the armpit of the Orc with his blade stuck in the ground. The third Orc was circling around to get behind Talen. Talen pulled his knife out low tearing as it went and using the momentum swept the legs out of the third attacker. Reversing his grip on his knife drove the blade in his throat. Talen stood slowly over the two fallen orcs never losing eye contact with the third his nose broken and bloody "that’s a good look for you " talen smirked " you should changed your name to Kachack broken face or something" Kachack the word in the black tongue for the Orc children to small or deformed to be worthy and fed to the wolves. Any tactics the Orc had thought up went flying away replaced by rage. He charged with his kardatch high above his head Talen easily side stepped the blow bringing up his stag horn shield and drilling one of the steel coated horns into the ear of the enraged Orc killing him instantly. All this fighting had garnered unwanted attention some of the maelgral , the walking dead ,had come into the wood hearing the noise and hungry. Talen had to bust through the throng they was no time to fight and there was too many. He uttered a prayer to the trees and plants themselves and the spirit of the wood heard him as he pushed his way out of the mass of undead the branches and vines even the grass on the ground took hold of the maelgral and allowed talen to escape.
With very little time the heroes got organized quickly they got Merrick and Elsa to gather all the women and children and the men who wouldn’t be that good in a fight and got them to run to the keep the remainder started to set up defences. Ghost the young companion of Brother Walker spotted the undead horde while keeping lookout on the roof of the inn. The companions set up some kegs to explode when struck with fire this took out many of the creatures the group took to fighting the one that got through when talen finally got a good look at the rider who seem to control this calamity of souls his heart dropped his hand let go of the icebow and as it clattered to the ground he jumped of the roof pulling out his fighting knives as he went calling on his fey blood he whispered to the earth itself and spikes and burrs formed from the very stone in between him and the dark rider talen hissed over his shoulder " run to the keep run now " Brother Walker held out his staff and bellowed to the undead begone from my sight unclean things the force of his spirit pushing them back into talents spell mangling and tearing their flesh as they ran away leaving the heroes with enough time to get away leaving Talen to meet his fate.



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