Cursed Blood

The road is long

It has been a long time since I the keeper of secrets have wrote about the heroes of the Blackmere. Their path has been long and arduous. From the sewers of Blackmere keep to the ruins of Castle Cragmaw. But it is here at the foot of the mountains near the caves of chaos where everything started that we find them. In search of the book of vile darkness an ancient artifact of evil that could tell them how to kill Acerack first of his name king of the North high priest of Tharizdun the lord of the dark. Our heroes took a job to escort a cart to the mining town of phandelver the dwarf that hired them explained that the caves were part of a mine long ago the dwarf had ridden ahead along with some unknown warrior to guard him they were apparently waylaid by goblin bandits and captured now with the guidance of a captured goblin the heroes found their way to the encampment. And engage their foes.



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